Garmin Edge 1000 – Changing the Data Screens

When I ride, I like to have all my favourite pieces of informtion in one, easy to read view (speed, distance etc.). Chances are, we all have differing ideas about what fields we want to see while riding. Here’s a quick guide to changing the screens to suit you.

You can have multiple profiles, each with different settings.  Only one profile can be active at a time.  You might have a profile that displays information useful to racing – max speed, average speed, distance remaining etc.; or maybe for gentle jaunts, where maximum speed isn’t of use, but could be replaced with the current time, distance travelled,  whatever.

From the main screen, select the settings icon (spanner/screwdriver), then ‘Activity Profiles’, then choose a profile (the default one you’ll be using, will be written below the big ‘RIDE’ button – mine is ‘General’, below).  From here you can select various parameters (GPS mode, Alerts etc.) but we’re interested in ‘Data Screens’:


Once we’re in Data Screens, we see a list of screens available to us – there are six in total (one is not customisable, and is the map view).  Press ‘Screen 1’ – you can then press the +/- buttons to tell the Edge how many fields you want on the screen at once.  I have 7 currently:

edge-1000-data-screen-add-fields-menuThese are the fields I use for the majority of rides.  The Speed-Avg/mph field is a custom one I downloaded (IQ Connect) – more on that in another post.  Once you’ve seletced the number you want, press the tick.

edge-1000-data-screen-change-fieldsYou can now press any field to change it.  The fields I have are from the categories General (Battery, Time of Day), Speed (Avg, Max), Distance (speaks for itself), and Elevation (Grade).

Press the tick when done.

That’s it!  You now have a customised screen.  You can configure all five of the customisable screens, and when riding, swipe between them.  I find that’s too many, and just have two or three screens with pertinent information and swipe between them.  I disable all the others (especially the map and elevation screens as they chew through battery life).