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From RideWithGPS to Garmin

You’ve signed up for a free account at Ride With GPS, you’ve either created a route, or found someone elses that needs to be ridden.  How do you get it to the Garmin?  Pretty simple actually, and there are multiple ways, but here’s how I do it.

Plug your Garmin into your PC/Mac (I’m a Windows user, so that’s what I’ll be describing, but the process will be similar on OS X).  You should see it pop up in Windows Explorer (press the Windows Key + E to launch it). In the next step, we’ll be interested in the ‘Newfiles’ folder:

Windows Explorer - GarminAssuming you can see the Garmin within Explorer as above; view a route on the RideWithGPS site. While you’re viewing the route you should see three tabs on the right-hand side.  Choose ‘Export’:

RideWithGPS ExportClick on ‘TCX Course’, and it will prompt you to download the file.  Browse to, and save it to the Newfiles folder we saw previously (if you have a premium subscription, the ‘Notify before turn’ option will tell your Garmin to warn you of turnings well in advance).

RideWithGPS Export RouteRideWithGPS Export FileDisconnect your Garmin and you’re done!  When it has restarted itself, you can find it on the home screen under ‘Courses’: